Home Wireless – Visible Disappointment/Invisible Risks

A quality Internet connection does not guarantee high performance on your home network. How your devices and computers access that connection may negate any benefits obtained by paying for more bandwidth from your Internet service provider (ISP). Many users meet with the frustration of outstanding performance on their wired network devices while their wireless electronics suffer.

Spyware and Malware Protection – Software Updates

As anti-malware technology has improved, programmers who create malware have changed their tactics. The internet remains the most likely attack vector for these annoying and destructive programs. While firewalls and anti-virus programs provide a formidable defense, they can be bypassed via your web browser and its associated programs.

RO Anderson now offers a wide range of IT services

RO Anderson now offers a wide range of IT services for small business and individual users. Harnessing the power of cloud computing enables us to provide a level of support that once required full-time personnel and dedicated hardware resources. Whether you need a new IT infrastructure, or maintenance of an existing one, we have a solution to fit your needs.