The R.O. Anderson team of experienced land use and environmental planners assists both our public and private sector clients in a broad range of planning needs. Our projects include city and county comprehensive plans, master planning, site specific plans, site assessments for opportunities and constraints, recreation master plans, park and trail planning, and permitting assistance. Our team of planners is adept at public engagement and is frequently called upon to facilitate small interagency meetings, as well as, large public workshops.

Unique to our R.O. Anderson planners is that they are all certified by the American Institute of Certified Planners (AICP) and their careers in planning developed from their previous tenures as public agency planners.

From specific plans to subdivision maps, we offer services in preparing credentials for entitlement applications to various jurisdictions and may include:

  • Master plan amendments
  • Zone changes
  • Tentative subdivision maps
  • Planned developments
  • Special-use permits
  • Variance applications
  • Code amendments
  • Community and neighborhood workshops
  • Prepare and process all required agency permit applications

Not only do we assist our clients in the preparation of California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) and National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) documentation, but we represent our clients with various governing agencies, including the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, USDA Rural Development, United State Forest Service, Bureau of Land Management, Federal Highways Administration, Division of Safety of Dams, Federal Aviation Administration, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, Caltrans, California Department of Fish and Game, California Air Resources Board/Air Pollution Control Districts, Regional Water Quality Control Boards, and Department of Water Resources.

We Are Master Planners

Success Story

Genoa Lakes Golf Resort & Montaña Development


The Problem:

The Owner wanted to develop this former 3,000 acre ranch and skeet shooting range into an upscale residential development. This project was complicated by its unique location on both sides of a former state highway, the lack of existing infrastructure, lack of appropriate zoning and requirements to develop surface- and ground-water resources. Because of site constraints, including steep topography, wetlands, and alluvial and riverine floodplain areas, this project required substantial communication with both the client and Douglas County, as the primary permitting agency. In addition, we were tasked with protecting and preserving adjacent farmlands.

The Solution:

We developed an approach to entitlements for the overall project that examined at what the County wanted as part of its infrastructure master plan for the area, assisted the nascent redevelopment agency by incorporating a portion of the site within the redevelopment area, and promoted a development approach that preserved over 2,000 acres of ranchland and wetlands for perpetuity. Our approach assisted the County in developing a transferrable development rights program that has preserved over 15,000 acres in the Carson Valley.

The Results:

Our planning effort resulted in obtaining favorable master plan and zoning considerations that allowed for a 495-acre planned residential community and resort development, surrounded by nearly 2,200 acres of conservation and open space areas, contains 395 single-family home units, a clubhouse, physical fitness center, and Johnny Miller-designed championship golf course. Future plans include approximately 300 timeshare and fractional ownership units.